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Nov. 5th, 2010 09:29 am
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Wow, what a complete turnaround from 2008. Back then, the Phillies had won the World Series and we had just elected Obama.  I'm feeling decidedly down after the Phils self-destructed and the GOP prevailed during the election, but I have to keep bringing myself back from the cliff.  I know the Phils will be ok, but the country.,.. well, I'm worried, although I understand that the most extreme dissatisfied voters came out to vote, and that may not be the case two years from now.  I also will never stop believing that the anger of these extreme voters is partially rooted in having a black man as president. 

I am very liberal, but I understand that people may not have the same views as me (although they're wrong :)).  But what gets me is how the far right totally clouds the real issues (unemployment, the disproportionate wealth distribution in our country, global warming, etc.) with issues that mean absolutely nothing to the quality of life of its citizens (gay marriage, etc.).  They use these moral issues to pull in the most extreme voters to vote for them, and then enact nice laws and tax breaks that keep the wealthiest empowered.  

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I completely and 100% agree with you! I do also think that the GOP power play that happened will also wake up a lot of voters for 2012. A larger number of older voters turned out for this election and while I'm definitely not saying all older voters are close-minded or have narrow minded ideals, I do think they do get deceived a lot more easily. They don't realize that 'x' ad sponsored by the 'Senior Citizens Committee' or whatever flowery name some of these committees are using are not actually backed by the AARP or even voters or constituents of their state and are just GOP or religious fronts, because there doesn't seem to be a law that a political group's name has to be a reflection of a group's true agenda or special interest.

I'm just glad that Meg Whitman her ilk didn't win in California as that's the last thing we needed!

I do think in 2012 the 18-39 voters will show up, unlike what they did this time where a lot did sit on their laurels because they thought a GOP takeover was just a lot of political hype.

Date: 2010-11-05 07:20 pm (UTC)
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I really hope you're right... it's the one thing that I keep telling myself... I agree that the young people were absent from this election.

And congrats on Meg Whitman losing! Ya gotta love Jerry Brown!!


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